Let’s talk about the lives of our pets!!!!

With the summer heat upon us everywhere our pets need more water than any other time of the year.  What water are you giving them?  Are you giving them the bottled/filtered water that you drink or are you giving them the regular tap water?

Did you know that cats do not like the taste of chlorine and ammonia (1)? Have you noticed that your cat prefers to drink running water? This is because running water is more oxygenated and the chlorine evaporates.  There are other contaminants in our tap water that are far more dangerous for our pets then for us. Just as chocolate, caffeine, raisins, and grapes are perfectly safe for humans (except when they have an allergy) they are not safe for our cats and dogs.  Fluoride is an additive in our tap water that is not safe for our pets.  While, the fluoride levels in most tap water is much lower than the levels that would be toxic to our furry friends, it can be said the more water they consume during the summer months the higher risk of fluoride accumulating in them to a toxic level.

Dangers of excess fluoride in our pets can include severe sickness and diarrhea, restlessness, drooling, weak muscles, stiffness, racing heart rate, seizures, coma and even death. Also, they have found a possible link between fluoride and bone cancer in our canine friends.  Long term exposure to fluoride may predispose our dogs to bone cancer.

In addition to chlorine, chloramine and fluoride being dangers in tap water there are many more contaminants that can be just as dangerous. These other contaminants can include painkillers, antibiotics, anti-depressants and even hormones. A study by the Associated Press found that 25 out of 28 water treatment plants tested, had detectable levels of non-prescription drugs such as ibuprofen and Tylenol.

Now granted the levels of these contaminants are relatively low in most water supplies, but the more our pets’ intake the higher risk for accumulating toxic levels.

If you knew that by providing your pets with Clean, Healthy, Living Water could extend their life and give them a better quality of life would you do it???