Why is tap water dangerous?

Fluoride – Fluoride was first added to drinking water to help prevent tooth decay back in the 1940’s.  The truth is that the added fluoride is doing more harm than good.  When you go to the dentist and they put fluoride on your teeth, do they tell you to rinse and swallow or rinse and spit?  There is a reason you are told to spit out the fluoride water.  Fluoride is a variation of neurotoxin that can disrupt your endocrine system. This means your thyroid could be compromised and calcification of your pineal gland!!! Doesn’t that sound exciting?!

Chlorine – It is now common knowledge that chlorine is added to our drinking water.  Yes, chlorine is a very necessary disinfectant, it makes swimming pools safe, but do you drink pool water?! The poisonous hydrochloric acid in chlorine could do harm to your respiratory system and drinking too much chlorinated water can lead to memory loss and cell damage!!

Lead – is another toxic element in your tap water. In fact, it’s so toxic that almost all of your body organs will cower in its presence. Your body organs are no match for lead’s destruction! Humor aside, we have enough reliable scientific studies that show how most of the developmental disorders today, such as autism, deafness and learning disabilities could be from lead-infested tap water. Lead exposure damage doesn’t stop there. Science has shown that reproductive problems and kidney failure may also be caused by lead ingestion.

Mercury – There’s no doubt that scientists all over the world agree to the fact that mercury is one of the most toxic elements today. Research also showed that exposure to it means muscle atrophy, headaches, cognitive disability and skin rashes. Scary, right? And you thought drinking tap water is harmless. As a supplement to your research, you may want to check out this video about mercury in tap water for you to understand the level of danger you may be facing just by drinking the water alone: watch this video.

PCBs – PCBs or more technically called polychlorinated biphenyls are also found in your tap water. According to EPA, this is a chemical used for various industrial purposes, which includes production of oil, paints, adhesives, electronics, and insulation. These PCBs can disintegrate and get processed by your body, and that means more toxins in your internal organs. Avoid this toxin at any cost!

Arsenic – Yes, there is Arsenic found in water. Arsenic is POISON!!! Arsenic poisoning can cause diarrhea, abdominal pain and even death! Arsenic There are also reports from The Massachusetts Government that connect arsenic ingestion to skin and lung cancers. Bladder cancer is also another effect when arsenic overloads your system. What happens to your body when it ingests arsenic is that it reacts to your blood vessels negatively and causes it to rot, and eventually die.

Perchlorate – Perchlorate can disrupt the normal function of the thyroid gland in both children and adults. In adults, the thyroid plays an important role in metabolism, making and storing hormones that help regulate the heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and the rate at which food is converted into energy. In fetuses and infants, thyroid hormones are critical for normal growth and development of the central nervous system. Perchlorate can interfere with the human body’s ability to absorb iodine into the thyroid gland which is a critical element in the production of thyroid hormones. One example of such horrifying contamination issue was what happened in the Colorado River, where the problem was severe enough for people to get worried about thyroid damage.

Dioxins – Another toxic reason that should worry you in drinking tap water is dioxins content. This chemical is a dangerous toxin that’s released during a combustion process, including forest fires and cigarette smoking. The problem with this toxin is that it lingers in the environment and can destroy our water sources. This bad boy of a chemical is so dangerous that it can damage your reproductive systems and long-term exposure to it could cause problems in your nervous, endocrine and immune systems.

DDT – Dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane, and this is an insecticide that has been used ever since in the 1940s to make sure that insect-borne diseases like malaria can be addressed. It gained popularity as an agricultural pest control ingredient but was later banned in the United States in 1972 because of the series of environmental damages that it poses. That said, DDT’s remnants are still in the tap water you’re drinking. Some of the lethal threats of DDT today are cancer and liver damage. In fact, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has gone out of their way to declare this toxin as a harmful threat to the environment and one’s health.

HCB – Until the year 1965, HCB or what is commonly known as Hexachlorobenzene had been used as a pesticide to help the agriculture industry flourish. Studies today show that in large doses HCB can result in death. Smaller doses of this that are found in tap water could mean damage to your liver and various skin lesions. In fact, journalist records showed that in Anatolia, Turkey at least 4500 people suffered from HCB poisoning in the 1950’s, which later led to a national policy to ban this chemical from any agricultural project.

Conclusion – Tap water becomes more and more dangerous every day. Every time we recycle the water, we increase the need for more and more chemicals.