What is the truth about Reverse Osmosis water?  There are so many opinions…what is real and what is myth?

What are the advantages and disadvantages to a RO system?

  • RO water is free of all impurities including but not limited to lead, water parasites and sodium. The negative side to this is the process is that it “kills” the water.  Water has a lot of necessary minerals that are also removed in the RO process.  So, while RO water is safe to drink, you will need to replace these necessary minerals in another way such as supplements.
  • Another downside to RO water is that it does not hydrate your body the same because it has zero electrolytes.  You will need something such as a water ionizer to make the water hydrating again.
  • RO systems are installed at 1 sink, so only 1 faucet has purified water. What about brushing your teeth? What if you need a drink of water in the middle of the night? What if your kids pick up the hose and take a long refreshing drink while playing outside?
  • Do you really save money investing in a RO system?  With a RO you could save money by not having to buy bottled water.  Let’s take a look at what having a RO will cost your pocket. A RO system would cost on average $400 – $500 depending on the system.  A RO system has 3 filters that have to be regularly replaced, how often will be dependent on how dirty your water is and how much water you use.  These replacement filters can cost on average $75 – $100 per year.  What will it cost to replace the necessary minerals lost in the purification process? Well that would be dependent on how you chose to replace them.  You could add a 4th filter that will put the minerals back in the water and it will slightly alkaline the water making it more hydrating this will cost on avg another $50 per year. So, you do the math for you, would you really save money with having to replace the filters.
  • One last point to ponder, are we really helping the landfills by adding used filters to them?

We here at Clean Water USA believe in Clean Healthy Living Water.